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According to my teacher, I learned about this in second grade. I don't ever remember learning about this.

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China was one of my favorite countries. It is the most populated country on earth, and has a history dating back over five thousand years. It was ruled by over twenty different dynasties, and was for a long time the most powerful country on earth. They still consider themselves the most powerful country on earth.
We arrived in Hong Kong, China on November 11th, 2009. We got off the ship, and took a tram to at the top of a mountain. We all thought it would be just be a ten minute hike, but it turned out to be forty minutes to an hour. The hike had great views of the city, though, and the third tallest building on earth. Next, we went to a sort of botanical garden/zoo. When there we saw the craziest monkeys I had ever seen. What they would do, is that they would blow up their neck like a bullfrog, and let out this really low noise, and then do a high pitched noise. Sometimes, one monkey would do the low noise and the other would do the high one. Then, they would start doing it faster and faster until one of them screamed as loud as it could it was crazy. After the Zoo, we left and went to the third tallest building on earth! Looking up at that sky scraper made me feel like my head was going to break off because I had to crane my neck so much. We went up to the fifty-fourth floor, which is the highest you can go without actually working there. There are really 84 floors. When you were up there, you could feel the building swaying which was really scary for me.
Our second day, we jumped on a plane and flew to Beijing. When we arrived there, we went with a group to somebody’s house. They had signed up to teach us to make dumplings. I was pretty good at it. All you really have to do is shape some dough around some stuff that you put in it, in our case rice. Eli and Cy were okay too. One person in our group named Pedro made a flat dumpling after insulting the girls and saying that the kitchen was only for them. It was hilarious.
In our third day, we went to Tiananmen Square first, where the college students that were protesting were shot down. Our guide couldn’t talk about it while we were there because it was the same communist government that they have now that performed the shootings, but while we were on the bus, he told us that he was almost shot down too while he was hiding behind a bush. Our next place was the Forbidden City, where the emperors of China used to stay. They were never allowed out of the city as long as they lived. It was awesome to think that if we had been there just over a hundred years ago, we would not be allowed in, and the last emperor would still be there. The rest of the day, we went to a school where the children of migrants went and to an acrobatics show. In the school, we played ping-pong, hacky-sack and basketball with them. It was great. In the acrobatics show, at one point someone was walking on the outside of this hamster wheel like thing that was moving up and down while turning while the wheel was turning while he was blindfolded. It as if he was committing suicide. He almost fell off twice, too.
We began our fourth day by waking up to kung fu! We watched as people did triple back flips, broke wood planks on their heads, twisted thick metal bars around and off their necks, put out flaming torches in their mouths, and had really thick wood bars snapped on their arms backs and legs. One time, one guy lay down on two huge blades with a bed of nails on top of him with someone lying on the bed of nails with someone standing on top of him. It was crazy. Our next stop was the great wall. Once I got on it, I couldn’t believe I was on it. It was crazy. The wall stretched so long and far, it was amazing. We hiked on it for one or two hours, looking off the edge at what used to be Mongolia all the way until we saw a sign that said: “danger no entry” that everyone was ignoring. We pondered it for a while and decided to go on. I guess I am alive, so it’s all okay. We headed down and went back to the bus. The next day, we visited a temple and flew back to ShangHai, where the ship had sailed to while we were gone.
Our last day in China, we went to a museum, where we saw sculptures that got to two thousand years old, and bronze work that dated back to four thousand years old.
Overall, China has one of the deepest, most incredible cultures on earth. The only thing I didn’t like was how they would freely spit on the ground or wherever. That was disgusting. But probably, there are a lot of things that they think are disgusting about us that we think is normal like spitting on the sidewalk for them. Of course if there are over a billion people in china, maybe it’s their culture that’s right.
Here are my ranked countries so far.

  1. 1 Mauritius 9.5

  2. 2 South Africa 8.7

  3. 3 China 8.65000000127190976587

  4. 4Vietnam/Cambodia 8.65

#5 Spain 8.2

  1. 6 India 8.1

  2. 7 Ghana 7.7

  3. 8 Canada 6.8

  4. 9 Morocco 3.662

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