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Cadiz, Seville, Cordoba, and Granada

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Saturday the fifth we arrived at Cadiz. We got there at seven o’ clock in the morning, and we went out to tour around nine thirty. We walked around the city and stopped at churches and all kinds of old things. The best part was climbing a tower that you could see the whole city of Cadiz from. It was a tall winding staircase and every ten or so steps we got to a room that showed something about Cadiz. On one of the floors, there was a huge bowl that was positioned under a skylight that had something that could cover it. A lady pulled a lever and all of the sunlight streamed in and it projected the view of the whole city onto the bowl (using mirrors and light and stuff). By pulling levers the lady could show us different parts of the city. She also zoomed in on the streets and made it look liked the cars and people were walking over ramps by putting a folded piece of paper on the bowl. We didn’t stay in Cadiz for too long as we had to wake up at six thirty to catch a bus to Seville.

The bus ride to Seville was not too long, but it was a good two hours before we got there. We went to this gigantic cathedral that was the third largest in the world. We walked around it with a guide. It was amazing how massive it was. It was about ten times my temple at home. It also had the grave of Christopher Columbus. The guide told us that he had been buried in five different places, the last one being the Dominican Republic. Recently, the scientists did a DNA test and found that the remains actually were in the church in Seville. We left for Cordoba in the afternoon.

In Cordoba we first went to the main square in the city. Since it is so hot there, there are fountains for kids to run through. There was a statue of a man on a horse. He had a copper body and a marble head. The legend was that the reason that he had a white head was because of the birds pooping on his head. We went to another gigantic cathedral except this one was different. It was a Mosque with a cathedral built over it. It was very strange to see Islamic designs with pictures of Jesus. It had Muslim arches and Christian alters. Also they had found a Visigoth church underneath of the building. It was incredible. At around five o clock, we packed our bags and headed for Granada.

In Granada, we went to the Alhambra. The Alhambra is a Sultan’s (Arabic king) palace. It was covered with amazing Muslim designs. They had all used to be amazingly colored, but now they are faded. They windows used to be stained glass, but now they are bare. On the lighter side, we walked around the astounding structure and looked at all of the features such as a gigantic reflecting pool that temporarily blinded anyone who walked by because it was so bright. We saw the Sultan’s bedroom with a fountain in the middle of it, and a gigantic dome in the top. The palace had multiple courtyards in it and tons of amazing gardens. The gardens had every kind of plant you could imagine including fig and pomegranate trees. After we finished in Granada, we took a four hour bus ride back to the ship and that is where we are now.

All in all, I liked the Spanish people. Even though I noticed that the drivers and the people that were crossing the road did not look for people or other cars, that is pretty much the only thing that I noticed that was negative. They had great food, great architecture, and great souvenirs.

We’re headed for Morocco.

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Gabi--This was wonderfully written, with lively details and observations that were unmistakably yours. It conveys to the reader something about your experiences, but something about you, too. I share your appreciation for the Alhambra in Granada and the food of Andalusia-both fabulous! Gratefully looking forward to your next post!

by WrightD

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